Villa Urquiza style

Jorge Dispari and Maria del Carmen ("La Turca")


Maria del Carmen Romero and Jorge Díspari belong to the very few teachers of the Villa Urquiza style, that is characterized by elegant and pure walk, musical adornments and spry movements with abundance of giros, enrosques, lapices, arujas. Maria started dancing tango as a child, and already at the early age of 8 she won her first Tango championship, dancing with her own father, Hector Rea, who was a famous milonguero and uncle of Gerardo Portalea. Later, she was the partner of the legendary Carlos Esteves ("Petroleo"). Jorge started dancing tango in the famous Club Sin Rumbo in Villa Urquiza and, like Maria, learned from the original creators of the Villa Urquiza style, Gerardo Portalea, "El Turco" Jose, "Milonguita", Carlos Estevez "Petroleo", "Cachito" Montegaza, "Finito", Jose Lampazo, and Alberto Villarrazo. Today he is known to have one of the most beautiful 'walks' and to be a most virtuous performer of enrosques, lapices and arujas. 

Maria and Jorge have trained some of the today's world' top dancers, including Geraldine Rojas (their daughter, 24), Javier Rodriguez, Sebastian Arce, and Samantha Dispari (their youngest daughter, 14). Jorge's exceptional didactic abilities combined with their infallible musicality and unique sense of aesthetics, their life-long experience, authenticity and profound understanding of the subtle spirit of the dance in the Villa Urquiza neighborhood makes them as teachers irreplaceable. They toured Europe many times, appeared in several movies and choreographed Robert Duvall's and Francis Ford Coppolla's "Assassination Tango". They live in Buenos Aires where they teach regularly multiple classes, some of which are focusing on the distinct Villa Urquiza style.

jorgeylaturca@hotmail.com or jorgeylaturca@yahoo.com
Phone: 4713-4790, Cell (15) 5623 - 7228


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